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The Atomic Chicken Origin Story

Adam was a mild-mannered, free-range chicken. One day, the farmer made too much for breakfast and trotted outside to share his bounty of biscuits and waffles with Adam. When Adam saw the farmer coming with his steaming cup of coffee, he knew he was in for a special treat, but he had no idea how special until the delicious crumbs were spread before him.

Unable to sleep that night and haunted by visions of crispy, golden goodness; Adam wandered over to the henhouse and woke his best gal, Fay. Fascinated by Adam’s vivid description of the morning feast (and always secretly enthralled by Adam’s feathered physique), Fay was delighted to join in the search for more. Adam scanned the horizon for any trail that might lead him to more buttery treats. Finally Adam saw a cup with billowing steam in the distance. The chickens began their journey toward the hot cauldron…the Fermi II cooling tower.

Once there, the two adventurous chickens wandered around the nuclear plant for a while, and maybe they went a few places they were not supposed to. Finally, they found the cafeteria. “Adam,” said Fay, “here are some biscuits.” They greedily snatched the biscuits right off the plates. Then, Adam remembered those few occasions when the farmer let him come into the house. He always looked longingly up at the table and the bounty of treats was never within reach.

“Why are these tables so small,” Adam wondered out loud. “And why did everyone run away from us,” added Fay. They squeezed through the door – wasn’t that door bigger just a few minutes ago – and went back outside. Both chickens eventually discovered that they were faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive – and as big as a house!

They went north to Clawson. Along the way, it became apparent that Fay had become an even bigger fan of biscuits and waffles than Adam had. They happened upon a restaurant that had been closed for some time. “I’ll bet if you wait there long enough,” said Adam, “someone will come along and make biscuits and waffles for you.” Delighted at this news, Fay leapt atop the building to begin her silent vigil.

Touched my her dedication to biscuits, waffles and the American way, Adam decided that he had to use his new found powers to make the world safe for his beloved Fay, and for all biscuit and waffle lovers. He created a lair for himself beneath the city of Detroit. He also decided that he needed a new name.

“Adam, Adom, Atom, none of those sound right,” he lamented. Finally, it dawned on him. “Evildoers and biscuit burglars beware, I AM THE ATOMIC CHICKEN,” he crowed.

Will Fay ever get her biscuits and waffles? Will they be as tasty as she remembered? Tune in when Atomic Chicken opens up in Clawson and Detroit to find out!

Written By: David Miller